up! magazine wins at TMAC


June 18, 2013 – up! magazine editor Deb Cummings has received the award for Best Family Travel Story for 2012 from the Travel Media Association of Canada (TMAC). The awards took place this past weekend in Saskatoon.

Cummings’ award winning story, Bike, Eat, Repeat, which appeared in the June 2012 issue of up! WestJet’s in-flight magazine, highlights her four-day Vancouver Island bike tour with her teenage son.

“The author writes affectionately of her bike excursion with her son, but is completely in touch with the difficult moments of parent-child vacations. Written with warmth and realism both; the kind of parent we would have liked to have.” A comment from one of the judges as the award was presented.

Both heart-warming and informative, Cummings’ story details stunning oceanside bike rides, mouth-watering cuisine and plenty of sights, all while bonding with teenage son Quinn.

“It’s always a tremendous thrill to be honoured by your peers,” Cummings said. “We’ve always valued positive news, but in these times, when the publishing industry seems to be a constantly shifting landscape, awards like this one remind us of the power of a simple tale — in this case a mom-son cycle trip around a chunk of Vancouver Island — and how we should celebrate just that. My son, The Wimpy Kid, made writing this story a pleasure as he loaded me up with killer quotes and a 15-year-old’s look at the world.”

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