The spirit of a city

What began two decades ago as a city magazine has evolved into an industry-leading
lifestyle brand. Avenue is synonymous with style, sophistication and authority.

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Taking off with WestJet

Discovering the joy of travel is what WestJet Magazine is all about.
Crafted by RedPoint, the magazine embodies the WestJet brand,
inspiring and entertaining travellers in print and online.

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Building excitement

BOMA Calgary is the nerve centre of the commercial real estate industry.
Its annual Building Guide is a key tool to inform and
inspire current and prospective industry players and businesses.

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Keeping it cool

A unique Calgary festival, Beakerhead isban annual "smash up" of art, science
and engineering. Its program guide has to reflect the same level of
inventiveness, creativity and quirkiness as the event itself.

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What's your brand story?

People have been telling stories for as long as people have existed. The methods have changed, but the motivation hasn’t. Some stories inform, some engage and some inspire. The best do all three. But being the best takes work.

EndPoint storytelling

Great storytellers always start at the end. Once you know where you need to go, getting there is just a matter of steering. We’re master storytellers, whether on the printed page or in the digital space, and we’ll get you where you need to go.

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