Last fall, RedPoint approached Calgary Economic Development about a project we thought would be a perfect fit for both of us: A print publication that would tie into the CED “Live In Calgary” initiative.

Live In Calgary was launched in 2010 to support new and prospective Calgarians as they settled into the region. Its larger purpose was to attract skilled workers from elsewhere in Canada, and around the world, and entice them to relocate to Calgary. We asked CED if they’d work with us on a magazine – a beautiful, engaging print piece that would entice CED’s target audience with stories and information about Calgary and its lifestyle opportunities. The magazine would cover everything from the city’s amenities to its culinary, shopping and cultural scenes, recreation and real estate.

CED said yes. The RedPoint team started what would become Life In Calgary magazine.

Making the magazine

RedPoint took on the initial strategy, editorial and visual content, as well as ad sales and circulation. CED defined the magazine’s audience and provided invaluable content recommendations and feedback throughout the process.

“This was a great project in many ways,” says managing editor Miles Durrie, who led the project from pitch to print, “It was satisfying to use all the resources at our disposal, from branding and sales to editorial and design expertise, not to mention our deep knowledge of Calgary. Creating the magazine was a lot of work — as it always is — and we challenged ourselves with a tight deadline, but I couldn’t be more proud of the product.”

Look and feel

Design director Steve Collins had just come on board at RedPoint after moving to Calgary from Adelaide, Australia. As a newcomer to the city, his perspective on the magazine content was invaluable as he developed a distinctive visual brand for Life In Calgary.

He built maps and graphics for the magazine, and art directed a photo shoot in the Calgary Transit garage involving models, balloons and taxidermy. “We had a lot of content to deal with,” Collins says. “We were covering a lot of ground with this magazine, and fitting all the pieces together and making it look good, giving everything enough breathing room — that was the biggest challenge.”

Life In Calgary is currently in the hands of English and Irish readers who may soon become Calgarians with cool accents. Look for it packaged with The Globe and Mail in Canada this spring, or read the digital flip book here.