This February, Avenue focuses on homes and decor, from local bespoke furniture retailers, craftsmen and designers to salvaged treasures to ultra-personalized living spaces.

Focusing on interiors is perfect in February, says Avenue associate editor and style expert Ricky Zayshley. “To me, any month is a great time to look at home and decor, but February is especially good because — if you’re like me — you spend a lot of time indoors. Christmas is over, and it feels like spring is forever away, so February is a relaxed month that’s perfect to tackle a project, or dream up a new one.”

The smiling face on the February issue’s cover belongs to Sophie Bélanger, marketing director at Icon Stone & Tile. For Ricky, putting together Bélanger’s style profile was a joy. “The highlight of the issue is definitely our cover story featuring Sophie Bélanger. You can just tell by her photos and interview that she’s full of life and charisma. We all had such a great time working with Sophie.”

Less fun was making the “Beach Guide” story, but only because a Calgary winter makes beach life seem far too remote, especially when you’re driving on snowy streets in search of hot-weather gear. “I sourced the best items to take to the beach, and running around the city in dreary weather in search for the best sunscreens and bathing suits was a bit of a challenge — especially since I don’t have a tropical getaway planned myself.”

As always, being immersed in Calgary’s design scene offers insight into emerging decor trends. While putting together the February issue, Ricky noted an increased taste for industrial elements in home kitchens. “One thing I’m seeing more and more of is restaurant design influencing home kitchen and dining room design. Calgary is such a food-centric city, and our restaurants are beautiful, so it makes sense that we’d start to see more industrial elements like Schoolhouse Electric lighting, marble and top-end appliances in the home.”

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