A successful website redesign is a rewarding experience. When the RedPoint team made the new Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids website live last summer, after months of collaboration, everyone was happy. The site looked great and it felt orderly, fresh and new.

While the bb4ck.org site’s good looks and sense of order persist, freshness and newness are more challenging to maintain on the Internet. We solved that problem with a quarterly e-newsletter, which not only keeps the organization’s supporters, clients and volunteers apprised of its most recent activities, but provides a steady stream of up-to-date content for the site, improving relevance and search results while offering better value to visitors.

The newsletter, which RedPoint writes, edits and produces in collaboration with the Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids team, follows the voice and visuals established for the website. It focuses on stories of BB4CK’s effect on individuals and communities in Calgary. Now in its third issue, the newsletter has covered stories about the origins of Spectra Energy’s volunteer program, and a young girl’s reasons for donating to Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids instead of receiving birthday presents.

With Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids continuing its inspiring work to ensure no kids go hungry in Calgary, we’re confident we’ll never run out of compelling stories.