To help advertisers reach their target audiences, RedPoint writes, edits and designs special supplements for our magazine brands. For the October issues of Avenue Calgary, AvenueEdmonton and up!, we developed a supplement focused on post-secondary education. The goal was to connect organizations and businesses in this field with prospective students of all stripes, from high school graduates taking the next step and professionals seeking an upgrade to people considering a complete life change.

The supplement was designed for placement in the October issues of Avenue Calgary, AvenueEdmonton and WestJet up! magazine, to reach a total audience of more than two million readers. To our team and our advertisers, it was essential that the supplement be of use to readers, which in our world means informative, engaging and well-designed.

The editorial mandate was to cover as many aspects of the higher learning experience as possible, including decision-making, campus culture, distance learning opportunities and technology. On the design side, the supplement needed to be vibrant and inviting, with many points of entry for readers and a consistent, unified look and feel. The section was intended to be, above all, friendly, fun and accurate — a useful guide to a major life decision.

Not only did clients and readers offer positive feedback, they were excited to see a supplement that so successfully served both its audience and its advertisers.