It’s a fact of publishing life that our heads are four to six months ahead of our calendars. When the Avenue team decided to create a “Things We Love About Calgary” list for January 2014, the thinking had to start way back in August. It’s hard to think about January in August. In fact, it’s hard to think about January in January, Calgary’s notoriously dark and climatically unpredictable month. But it’s exactly the time of year when Calgarians (including us) need to be reminded that life is good and our city is interesting, beautiful and vibrant.

The “Things We Love” list is purely a passion project. While other special issues are based on hard data analysis, like the Avenue Best Neighbourhoods issue, or judged externally like the Top 40 Under 40 program or the Best Restaurants issue, the “Things We Love” list is all heart. It’s a project that lets the Avenue team explore our personal interests to create a considered collection of the city’s best features. The more thought we put into this list, and the more we heard of each other’s choices, the more we wanted to include. The final list includes a range of activities, events, amenities, features and cultural bits and pieces that make us love Calgary, from Mayor Nenshi’s tweets to GlobalFest to the prevailing sense of possibility.

A big part of working at Avenue is taking a keen interest in the city, and all of us are deeply invested in all things Calgary. With this issue, our goal was to present an insider’s perspective that, like the city, feels inclusive and collaborative in spirit.

Find the 100 Things We Love About Calgary issue on keystands all over the city, and read more