Six-decade-old company (and longtime RedPoint client) Saskatchewan Minerals Inc. recently changed its name to Saskatchewan Mining and Minerals Inc. For the company, which produces and supplies high-quality natural sodium sulphate to a range of clients across North America, the name change was a strategic and considered decision.

Changing a company name, even subtly, is a major branding exercise. Not only must the new name accurately reflect the company’s current direction, it must also honour that company’s origins and reputation. A name change is complicated logistically too, because everything from logos to website copy and business cards must be updated, usually simultaneously. Saskatchewan Mining and Minerals asked RedPoint to handle this project, not only updating its letterhead and web domain name, but also crafting a message to share the news with customers and stakeholders in the company’s monthly e-newsletter.

To make all the changes, large and small, we pulled together our creative, production and project management teams and dove in. Saskatchewan Mining and Minerals came through the transition seamlessly, and our team was excited to help shape the future for such an established brand.