So, you’ve just launched your new website.  It’s got all the right ingredients: well-written, search-engine-friendly content and top-quality images. You’ve called in all the right people and put in all the hard work, and now it’s time to sit back, relax, and watch your site grow. Right?

Well, not quite. You may think your newly launched website will stay fresh forever, but think again. Continual investment in your website is crucial if you wish to stay relevant within your industry – and this means updating your site often with current content.

Does your business have a lot to say? Do you crave engagement but shy away from having a blog? Think about including the following on your site:

  • Recent news items about your organization, including events, awards and recognition;
  • Weekly updates and/or newsletters;
  • Case studies that highlight projects you’ve worked on;
  • Customer and employee profiles that are readily accessible;
  • Authoritative “White Paper” reports about your company;
  • Video clips of work your organization has accomplished.

Keeping your website clean, current and up to date with relevant content is important if the site is going to help your business — and frequent, high-quality updates will drive more return visits to your site.

The thing about SEO is…

Search engines look favourably on sites with current content. Your website will have a better chance at reaching a wider audience by staying fresh with new, on-target content.

The newer the content, the more likely it will show up in search engines and attract links to your site. This is the end result of search engine optimization — or SEO — which is the process of helping websites increase their visibility to search engines and includes making sure your pages are structured in a “search-engine-friendly” manner.

Only one chance at a first impression

As content marketing begins to intersect with more web-conscious consumers, it is fast becoming the most important part of every business’s strategic marketing program. Creating fresh content that viewers will want to consume and spread to others is becoming imperative.

Bottom line: don’t neglect your website’s content. A content maintenance program that works for your audience as well as your organization — be it with news updates, blog entries or case studies — lets you engage further with your visitors and is vital to the growth and success of your website. To top that, the more current your content, the more of a boost you’ll get in your Google ranking.

Now, wouldn’t that be time, and money, well spent?