Invest Calgary

The Challenge

As a city with a vibrant and growing economy, Calgary has often faced shortages of skilled labour. Calgary Economic Development’s online “Live in Calgary” initiative was launched in 2010 as a way to address that shortage, supporting new Calgarians as they settled into the city. Its larger purpose was to attract skilled workers from elsewhere in Canada, and around the world, and entice them to relocate to Calgary. Seeing an opportunity, RedPoint approached Calgary Economic Development with the idea of creating a high-quality print magazine, called Invest Calgary, that would help advance CED’s goals.

The Solution

Invest Calgary was envisioned as a beautiful, engaging print piece that would entice CED’s target audience with stories and information about Calgary and its lifestyle opportunities. The magazine would cover everything from the city’s amenities to its culinary, shopping and cultural scenes, recreation and real estate. RedPoint took on the initial strategy, editorial and visual content, as well as ad sales and distribution. CED defined the magazine’s audience and provided content recommendations and feedback throughout the process. RedPoint’s design team developed a distinctive visual brand for Invest Calgary. Maps and graphics were created for the magazine, and several photo shoots were done.

The Results

Invest Calgary had an immediate impact when made its debut in Ireland and the U.K. Soon after, about 300,000 copies were circulated across Canada, generating much conversation and interest. Other distribution regions so far have included various recruitment events in the Far East. The magazine will be produced annually, and has become a key part of marketing Calgary to the world as a great place to live, work and do business.

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