Calgary Polo Style

The Challenge

The Calgary Polo Club was formed in 1890 and is generally acknowledged to be the oldest club in North America with consecutive years of play. But the club, and the dynamic sport of polo itself, remained little-known to most Calgarians. The club wanted to raise awareness of both the game and the expansive facility where it’s played all summer long just south of the city. Club executives began talks with RedPoint, looking to see what ideas we had to help them achieve their goals.

The Solution

RedPoint’s Marketing Solutions division worked with the Calgary Polo Club to create a partnership that would culminate in a new custom magazine, Calgary Polo Style. The magazine would be aimed at the very highest end of the market, with editorial content built around the rugged luxury of the polo lifestyle and the speed, skill and unique human-horse teamwork of polo itself. Our editorial team got deep inside the game, learning the nuances of its history, rules, player ratings and handicaps, strategy, attitude and personality. Our designers and art directors envisioned and executed fashion spreads, personality profiles and a polo history timeline along with features on luxury homes, travel and aspirational products.

High-end production values were maintained through every aspect of the project, from typography and photos to paper stock and binding. Meanwhile RedPoint’s sales team quickly zeroed in on the advertiser group that fit the magazine’s target readership and overall feel. Thanks to their work, the magazine contains a range of well-designed advertising that enhances its overall look and feel.

The Results

Calgary Polo Style has made a major splash. A gala launch event at the Calgary Polo Club drew hundreds of invitees, a large number of whom had never been to the club or seen a polo match before. RedPoint used social media and distributed a news release announcing the new magazine, creating spinoff coverage of the polo club in at least five major Calgary media outlets, including print, radio, television and online. Polo Club officials reported a significant increase in attendance, and advertisers saw excellent results. The magazine is now published annually, with the second issue distributed in July 2015. Awareness of the Calgary Polo Club is definitely on the increase, thanks to Calgary Polo Style magazine.