Building Momentum

Momentum Community Economic Development Society is a Calgary non-profit that provides opportunity and hope to people living in poverty, by helping participants develop themselves in five areas: social, financial, human, physical and personal. In a nutshell, Momentum helps individuals place themselves in better positions to succeed long-term. RedPoint has been working with Momentum for the past five years on everything from annual reports to websites and video content.

A new direction

In the past, the Momentum annual report has been a print piece. For 2013, the organization wanted to enhance its connection to participants, stakeholders and the larger community by using video as well as print media.

On paper

The 2013 Momentum annual report incorporated elements from previous years, including the organization’s blue and yellow colours, the font family and the use of 100% recycled paper. However, the print piece was simplified so that it would function as companion to the video component instead of a stand-alone annual report.

Art director Dave Willicome proposed the idea of a colour wheel as a unifying visual that would express two key Momentum themes: connection and possibility. “The colour wheel led to other circular concepts. Eventually we chose to include a gear motif that would show how individual pieces can contribute to a larger system. That’s an idea that’s always been central to

In motion

Momentum wanted its annual report to feel as human as possible, and to show people involved in the organization doing what they do best. The purpose of the video was to bring Momentum’s stories to life.

Creative director Anders Knudsen edited the piece to build a connection between the viewer and Momentum through voiceover and visuals. “By highlighting certain words in text bubbles, we created a more visually engaging experience for viewers while emphasizing the values most important to Momentum.”

RedPoint has previously collaborated with Momentum on a website and microsite and fiveannual reports.

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