Sprung Instant Structures

The Challenge

Sprung has been devising and creating tensioned membrane structures for more than 120 years. The structures are a robust and cost-effective alternative to conventional construction.

Serving an international client base, Sprung relies on its website to attract qualified visitors who are most likely to become sales leads and eventually, clients. To optimize the performance of sprung.com, Sprung needed an ongoing strategy and process that would ensure the site was easily accessible to the right audience.

The Solution

Sprung needed an SEO specialist that could provide and interpret web analytics, and strategically alter site keywords and copy to help the site perform better with its intended audience. RedPoint was Sprung’s first choice—we had already worked together to develop a microsite and campaign for Sprung.

Sprung and RedPoint collaborate each month on the SEO project. The object is to make the website and its essential information easy to find for the target audience, improving Sprung’s organic inbound traffic and helping to generate qualified leads.

RedPoint reviews reports and gauges Sprung’s reach compared to its marketing and sales goals. Where required, we alter keywords, ads and copy to attract new visitors to the site. RedPoint also manages Sprung’s pay-per-click marketing efforts, which help the company ensure its ads appear to people using search terms relevant to Sprung product offerings.

The Results

Analytic reports from August, 2014 show that Sprung has had:

  • The most search visitors since February 2014 and the most total visitors since March 2014.
  • The most request-information online conversions from search visitors since April 2013.
  • The most toll-free phone conversions from search visitors since Sprung began tracking results three years ago.
  • The overall highest web ROI since February 2014.

Sprung vice president Jim Avery says the project has benefited his company. “It’s a collective approach between an SEO specialist and a sales interface like ours. It’s common sense. Google analytics are always changing, so we have to keep up with that.”