Shaw Charity Classic

The Shaw Charity Classic is a PGA Champions Tour golf tournament held annually since 2013. The event welcomes world-class competitors and thousands of fans to Calgary’s Canyon Meadows Golf & Country Club each summer, and the Spectator Guide is an indispensable resource for all attendees.

The Challenge

The Shaw Charity Classic Spectator Guide was being produced outside Canada, and the event’s marketing team was looking for a closer-to-home solution. Also on the wish list were cost-effectiveness, a strong collaborative relationship, engaging writing and design and a publication customized to the event, its region and its audience.

The Solution

The Shaw Charity Classic combines athletic excellence with corporate innovation and social responsibility — while giving spectators an unforgettable experience. We wanted the official Spectator Guide to do the same. With art direction making easy navigation of the magazine a priority, we engaged top golf and lifestyle writers to create content about the elite-level golfers involved and the charitable initiatives funded by the tournament.

The guide reaches an audience of active, high-income, socially engaged golf fans, including educated professionals, household decision-makers and active older Albertans seeking inspiration. We felt it was a prime vehicle for marketers who want to reach that audience, so RedPoint undertook advertising sales to help pay for the publication. The Spectator Guide has been a success by all measures, and RedPoint looks forward to a continuing relationship with the Shaw Charity Classic.