Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Launched in 2014 out of the former Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (SIAST), Saskatchewan Polytechnic is a new post-secondary brand with a new global view.

The Challenge

Saskatchewan Polytechnic is a progressive new educational institution that launched in 2014. Specializing in meeting the needs of both students and employers through industry partnerships, applied research initiatives and other unique and forward-thinking programs, Sask Polytech was ready to take its brand to the next level with a high-quality custom magazine to tell its story to a broad audience of alumni, donors, partners, students, staff and the public at large.

The Solution

Working closely with Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s marketing team, which was in the middle of a major rebranding exercise, RedPoint created a magazine that elevated the new brand by telling the genuine human stories that are its legacy. Dealing Our art direction team worked with photographers in several location across Saskatchewan (our neighbouring province to the east), as writers gathered the stories that brought the magazine to life. With an eye to Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s newly minted brand guidelines, our design team put together a bright, engaging package that captured the spirit of the institution in an editorial setting.

The Results

Saskatchewan Polytechnic Magazine is being produced twice yearly. The response has been very positive, and it’s being seen as a way to celebrate the successes of alumni and raise awareness of the calibre of education the institution offers.

“Overall, everyone was very impressed with the final product. We were really happy with the way RedPoint interpreted our new brand and implemented it into a magazine format.”