Sam Corea is one of Calgary’s best known and most successful high-end residential real estate agents, selling about 150 homes each year at an average price of $1.5 million. To differentiate himself from other players in this competitive market segment, Corea and his team came to RedPoint with the idea of publishing a high-quality magazine that would showcase his home listings and surround them with aspirational lifestyle content

The Challenge

To represent the high-end image of a Sam Corea real estate transaction, it was important to present content that would elevate the magazine beyond a glossy sales catalogue. The product needed a unique appearance, while also remaining cost-effective to distribute by admail.

The Solution

Building a 68-page perfect bound magazine, we started with a core of story ideas that would fascinate and resonate with Corea’s high-income target audience. From planning the perfect party to creating the perfect wine cellar or finding the right collectible automobile, we crafted unique and authoritative features and commissioned photography to support them. This content created an environment for the 30 pages of luxury home profiles within the magazine.

The compact size of the magazine, 7.5 inches wide by 10.5 inches deep, was chosen to make it distinctive, with the added bonus of keeping its weight low for efficient distribution.

The Results

Sam magazine was launched at a charity event to rave reviews. Copies that were mailed to high-income households were well received, and interest in extra copies was high. The magazine has become a key marketing tool for Sam Corea, and we’re gearing up to move the magazine to a quarterly publication schedule.