Momentum is a non-profit organization in Calgary that offers hope and opportunity to people living in poverty. Using a model called Sustainable Livelihoods, Momentum helps participants develop themselves in five asset areas: social, financial, human, physical and personal. Momentum aims to help those ready to move out of poverty do so for good.

The Challenge

The organization asked RedPoint to create an annual report that would spotlight Momentum’s process from start to finish. The organization wanted to target provincial and municipal governments, financial institutions, funders, donors, collaborators and current members, taking this audience on a journey and inspiring deeper engagement. The report was also required to present clear information about Momentum’s programs, recent developments and the individuals affected by its work. Momentum asked RedPoint to:

  • Graphically represent the organization’s tangible results in an engaging, clear way.
    Highlight individuals who have achieved sustainable livelihoods through Momentum programs.
    Emphasize Momentum’s community basis and give credit to its many collaborators for the success of its programs.

The Solution

To take readers on a journey behind the scenes at Momentum, RedPoint integrated foldouts, photography and infographics. Feature pages profiled an individual person or situation affected by Momentum’s efforts; then, full-page foldouts opened to reveal a much larger story, told through infographics. By connecting large-scale organizational information to stories of individuals, the annual report drew readers in and offered an experience that was literally revelatory. It also emphasized Momentum’s commitment to improving lives one by one. RedPoint used an arrow motif in all graphically presented information, visually representing the annual report’s title, Direction, guiding the reader on a journey and suggesting the future. At Momentum’s request, RedPoint selected a paper stock that would support the graphics without being overly shiny (Rolland Enviro100 Satin)— a humble choice to reflect Momentum’s responsible financial stewardship.

The Results

The finished annual report balanced practical concerns with inspired innovation, much as Momentum does with the programs and services it offers. Readers offered enthusiastic feedback and the client was delighted with the final product.