Momentum Annual Report

Momentum is a Calgary-based non-profit organization that offers hope and opportunity to people living in poverty. Using a model called Sustainable Livelihoods, Momentum helps its participants develop themselves in five asset areas: social, financial, human, physical and personal. The organization’s belief is that, by developing all these areas together, individuals will be in a much better position to succeed over the long run. Momentum’s goal is to help those who are ready to move out of poverty do so for good. Following a full-scale re-branding, Momentum’s existing marketing materials were no longer reflective of its new direction. In addition, its website had grown cumbersome and had yet to gain any significant online traction.


To increase Momentum’s profile as a focused, streamlined non-profit organization, RedPoint’s strategy was to deliver Momentum’s message to specific audiences. The aims were to attract potential donors, give confidence and clarity to participants, and demonstrate professionalism and core values to potential partners as well as current and future employees. Along with print materials, an all-new website would tell the Momentum story through proven results and real-life examples. Along with the website redesign and content management system implementation, the project included:

  • Annual general meeting presentation
  • Annual reports developed to reflect key results using engaging personal stories and highly visual design
  • Executive and participant photography
  • Custom illustrations and iconography
  • Print materials and print templates
  • Logo design for 20th anniversary
  • Logo design for “Train the Trainer” program

Objectives and Outcomes

The goal was to raise awareness and enhance to image of Momentum. Mission accomplished, with a 69% increase in organization awareness (Ipsos Reid poll). Heavy website users now account for 8% of visitors, compared to 1% pre-launch. Momentum saw a 245% increase in time spent on its site, and page views increased 290%. Search traffic increased 70% — meaning Momentum is easier to find online. This went hand in hand with a 33% decrease in unintentional visitors.