Entrepreneurs with Disabilities microsite

Momentum Community Economic Development Society is a Calgary non-profit organization that offers help to people who want to work their way out of poverty. One of Momentum’s initiatives is the Entrepreneurs with Disabilities program. The program helps people with disabilities or conditions that hamper their success in getting or keeping a job. It empowers them to turn their own ideas and passions into viable businesses.

The Challenge

Momentum needed a way to connect directly to its target group, and encourage and inspire those individuals to come forward with entrepreneurial ideas.

The Solution

RedPoint created a microsite,, to house all the key information about the Entrepreneurs with Disabilities program on one page. The central focus is a powerful five-minute video, produced by RedPoint, featuring three clients who have found success with the help of the program.

The Results

Clients use this page to start their entrepreneurial journey. A combination of testimonials, video, “get started” links and FAQs helps to streamline the process of engaging with the program. The effort has paid off with a steady stream of applicants to the program — and a steady stream of graduates enjoying success and financial flexibility.