Alberta Cancer Foundation Leap

The Challenge

Alberta Cancer Foundation is the official fundraiser for all Alberta Cancer Centres. Their mission is to make life better for Albertans facing cancer, with a vision of a cancer free future. In 2010, Leap magazine was launched to share the goals of the program, and connect with patients, families and potential donors. After 6 years of publishing, Alberta Cancer Foundation felt they needed to refresh the look and feel of their flagship publication, in order to expand their reach and further connect with their audience.

The Solution

After evaluating the content and architecture of the preceding issues, RedPoint revealed the newly designed Leap in Fall 2017. Through vivid storytelling and evocative imagery, Leap demonstrates the work the Alberta Cancer Foundation and its partners undertake every day to make cancer outcomes better for Albertans. On every page and through every story, Leap is about people and inspiring action. 

The Results

The fresh design and compelling content shows how the contributions of donors, partners and event fundraisers help Alberta Cancer Foundation improve outcomes and develop new treatments and solutions right here in the province. This informative and inspiring approach encourages readers to donate or otherwise become involved. 

See the digital version of the Fall 2017 issue of Leap here.