YMCA Calgary was founded in 1902, and has been an integral part of the city’s civic community ever since. From recreation facilities and summer camps to child-care programs and broad-based wellness initiatives, the organization plays multiple roles in improving community life for all Calgarians.

The Challenge

Calgary has grown rapidly to a city of 1.2 million‚ more than doubling its population in just 35 years, and YMCA Calgary has expanded as well. It has grown physically, adding new facilities and services in new communities, and it’s also grown conceptually, with new approaches and programs tailored to the city’s changing demographics. YMCA Calgary needed to increase awareness of its offerings among the tremendous number of relative newcomers to the city, and also to demonstrate to its corporate and community supporters that it is responding to the needs of Calgarians.

The Solution

A high-quality magazine is the most powerful and credible brand storytelling medium available. Together, YMCA Calgary and RedPoint created Fuel, a magazine that tells the stories of YMCA Calgary from an experiential and human perspective. Including inspiring personality profiles, a historical look back and a view of the future, Fuel puts the YMCA Calgary story literally into the hands of Calgarians from all walks of life.

The Results

Fuel was launched at YMCA Calgary’s 2015 AGM, and response was enthusiastically positive. The true effectiveness of this content marketing effort will reveal itself in the months to come. Meanwhile, plans are underway to make Fuel a twice-yearly publication.