Calgary Hotel Association

Annual Report 2010

The Calgary Hotel Association represents 60 hotels located across the city. Membership is voluntary, and offers a range of benefits. The association’s marketing initiatives generate room bookings, and its work furthers the political, community and environmental interests of Calgary’s hospitality industry.

The Challenge

The association produces an annual report to stakeholders. While past annual reports communicated the organization’s mandate and results, the association needed the report to be a visually engaging piece that readers would remember. It wanted a piece it could be proud of — one that showed off Calgary as a world-class destination.

The Solution

Based on client input, RedPoint created a fresh visual approach for the annual stakeholder report. Anchored by a vintage travel theme, the report featured attention-grabbing typography; striking, non-traditional images; and photography from high-profile marketing initiatives such as and Cirque du Soleil. Each major marketing initiative was allocated its own prominence in the report, and key performance indicators and financial results were presented enticingly, to encourage stakeholders to read the report thoroughly and keep it for reference.

The Results

The project culminated in the annual report being unveiled to great acclaim at the group’s annual general meeting. The report was distributed throughout Calgary to member hotels, city stakeholders and across North America with pride.