Carriage House Inn

The Carriage House Inn is a contemporary, four-star accommodation with more than 160 rooms and suites. Conveniently located on Calgary’s Macleod Trail South, and with luxurious amenities including an outdoor pool, sauna, in-room massage services and event spaces, the Carriage House Inn is a natural destination for large weddings and conventions.

The Challenge

To raise its profile with convention and wedding clients, the Carriage House Inn needed a show-stopping print piece. The hotel asked RedPoint to create an upscale planning package that would be useful to clients while highlighting the quality and elegance of the event space.

The Solution

This was an opportunity for RedPoint to use its arsenal of design and printing techniques, creating an exceptionally luxe, high-quality brochure/event planner and folder. A balance of black and jewel tones contributed to the sense of luxury, complimented by the use of metallic and subtle accents in the Carriage House Inn corporate colours. The brochure used flysheets (translucent papers) as cover pages, and the pieces were finished in multiple varnishes to add texture and depth.

The Results

When RedPoint presented the print piece concept to the Carriage House Inn, it was accepted with minimal changes. The client was impressed by RedPoint’s ability to deliver a final product so congruent with its original vision, and proud to offer the piece to customers as a showcase for the Carriage House Inn brand.