Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids

Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids is a grassroots charity whose strength is its simplicity. In operation since 1990, the organization makes and delivers thousands of free school lunches each day to young students who would otherwise go hungry.

The Challenge

The charity’s website was outdated and lacked the sense of engagement and fun that surrounds Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids. The organization’s people are energetic, outgoing and deeply committed, and the site did not reflect that attitude. It also failed to convey the excitement of working within this well-oiled machine to put nourishing food in the hands of hungry kids.

The Solution

RedPoint’s team worked quickly to gain a deep understanding of the client, even to the extent of spending mornings volunteering in the BB4CK main kitchen. Then we put our storytelling expertise to work. In collaboration with the client, we designed and developed a new website from the ground up, with a fun and exciting look and feel. The copy put a finishing touch on the story, with newly written text describing BB4CK’s impact in a direct and personal way. Incorporated into the communications plan was an e-newsletter campaign to draw attention and drive traffic to the new site.

The Results

Phase 1 of the new BB4CK site launched in July 2013, along with the kickoff of the e-mail newsletter campaign. Reaction was immediate and positive. The newsletter received a high rate of clicks, with almost 25% of readers spending time on the website. Some comments from the client and users:

“We have received fabulous feedback, and people really like the site.”
“Great initiative and very eye-opening.”
“LOVE the new website!”