Residence Club

Residence Club Trust Marketing Tool

Residence Club Trust is a company offering exclusive, high-end resort properties worldwide. Clients invest in fractional ownership of recreation property through the club, in return for flexible use of a prestigious property in a desirable destination. Residence Club Trust’s target market is interested in top quality standards, exclusivity and luxury.

The Challenge

The company needed a marketing tool that would represent the image and standards of the vacation homes in its inventory. They asked RedPoint to create a print piece that would take the concept of a “marketing brochure” to a whole new level.

The Solution

The project began with logo design, and moved into the creation of an information package that exuded exclusivity and an image of membership in a small, privileged club. Clients and potential clients would open a stylized portfolio with a Velcro closure to reveal an 11 x 11-inch booklet made up of two-piece die-cut pages — “windows” into the Residence Club world. These were interleaved with vellum pages carrying text. The piece was bound with grommets in a fold-over spine.

The Results

RedPoint delivered a unique marketing tool that would connect with a small, exclusive group, discerning and wealthy enough to afford and enjoy the Residence Club offering. The brochure is a showpiece for design, production and printing, as well as for the client.